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Our Story

Barbara Booth (Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer) 

Cornelia Quinn (Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer)

Best friends since high school, Cornelia and Barbara were dining in NYC in 2018 when Cornelia voiced her concern over the amount of germs she believed existed on an airplane tray table. Her concerns were justified: Her son Jake has autism and is severely immunocompromised. He also survived a long battle with leukemia. Cornelia believed the germy tray tables were largely to blame for Jake’s frequent illnesses that seemed to emerge immediately after air travel.

Barbara, a CNBC reporter with years of investigative experience, promised to look into it and quickly discovered that airplane tray tables are rarely sanitized and one of the germiest parts of the plane. But what shocked her even more was the number of single-use disinfectant wipes passengers were using, which were then being dumped in landfills every day − more than a million! What's more, many of these wipes contain unhealthy, harsh chemicals and are made of synthetic fibers, so they never decompose.

So Barbara and Cornelia immediately embarked on a mission to not only introduce a product that gives individuals an extra layer of natural protection against whatever is lurking on or under their tray table − but one that represents many of the values they passionately support: sustainability, environmental-friendliness, unity, and self-expression. Travel is one of life's greatest adventures. Let Go-Be give you the confidence to enjoy every minute − so you not only feel good that you're covered but know you are doing good for the planet.

Life is short. The world is vast.

Let Go-Be get you there in style.




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