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About the product

What is the science behind Go-Be’s protection?

HeiQ HyProTecht is an innovative, patent-applied Swiss textile treatment built in to protect our fabric from the growth of mold, mildew, fungi and bacteria.

How long does Go-Be’s HeiQ HyProTecht protection last?

Go-Be delivers antimicrobial protection for at least 25 washes. Each one of our sleeves has been tested in a third-party laboratory to validate the performance and quality of the HeiQ HyProTecht chemistry.

Wouldn’t single-use wipes work better? Aren’t you bringing the germs with you when you store the Go-Be back in the case?

Because the advanced HeiQ HyProTecht technology prohibits germs and other microorganisms from growing on the fabric surface, you won’t be transporting germs on your Go-Be sleeve from the tray table off the plane. One of our brand’s missions is to eliminate the use of single-use wipes, which unfortunately has been surging due to the Covid-19 crisis. Many disinfectant wipes contain pesticides and are not biodegradable. As a result, they are filling our landfills, damaging our sewer systems, and finding their way into the sea, causing great harm to marine life.

How do I clean my Go-Be?

Your Go-Be sleeve can be hand-washed or go right in the washing machine.

Is the case recyclable?

The case is 100% recyclable and dishwasher-safe.

Does Go-Be have the ability to conform to different-sized tray tables?

Our unique design allows your Go-Be to fit most Coach seating options. Many first-class passengers have reported being able to fit the Go-Be over half their tray.

My kids tend to touch everything. Their little fingers even touch under the tray. Can Go-Be handle that?

Yes, Go-Be covers the entire tray table, even underneath, all flight long.

May I buy a single Go-Be sleeve as a replacement?

Yes!. Go-Be Antimicrobial Covers are now available in SOLO packs. Click here.

What is the size of the Go-Be case?

The case is very compact, measuring 4.5 in. X 4.5 in. X 2 in. The ends are tapered, giving it a sleek look.

How does the case attach to your carry-on or purse?

The tether’s ends contain an extremely strong magnet. The tether can slip through any handle or around your wrist.

Orders & Shipping

How fast will I receive my Go-Be?

We offer three shipping options. First class, which takes 3-5 business days; Priority, which takes 2-3 days; and overnight. We ship same day unless ordered after 3pm ET. We don’t ship on Saturday or Sunday.

Can I get my corporate logo on a Go-Be?

Absolutely! Many companies have been reaching out to us to put their corporate logo on our case so they can give the Go-Be to clients and employees for the holidays. Many companies are also giving the Go-Be as swag at conferences. Giving a Go-Be shows your employees and conference attendees how much you care about their well-being. For more information, contact one of our personable Go-Be corporate sales reps by filling out the form on the Contact Us page.

Am I able to cancel my online order?

Please contact us at if you need to cancel an order for any reason and we can absolutely refund your money if the order has not yet been shipped. Keep in mind, however, that we are very prompt in our delivery process and orders are shipped same day unless ordered after 3pm EST.

Are sleeves returnable?

The Go-Be sleeves are not returnable, as we need to be absolutely sure the sleeves have not been used. But the honeycomb case is returnable for a refund of $5 if it has been damaged in any way during transit.