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Our story

Best friends since high school, Cornelia and Barbara were dining in NYC three years ago when Cornelia voiced her concern over the amount of germs she believed existed on an airplane tray table. Her concerns were justified: Her son Jake is autistic and severely immunocompromised and had survived a long battle with leukemia. Cornelia believed the germy tray tables were largely to blame for Jake’s frequent illnesses that seemed to emerge immediately after air travel.

Barbara, a CNBC reporter with years of investigative experience, promised to look into it and quickly discovered that airplane tray tables were rarely sanitized between flights and were one of the germiest parts of the plane. When in 2020 people across the world started to think about germs, air travel, and the spread of infectious illnesses in a whole new light, the friends embarked on a mission to not only introduce a product that gives individuals the confidence to travel again -- but one that represents many of the values they passionately support: sustainability, unity, and self-expression.

Travel as we know it has changed since the friends sat unmasked in that NYC restaurant three years ago. But the need to utterly be ourselves, be mindful of the planet and others and to enjoy life hasn't.

We are all in this together. Just Go-Be.

Travel is back

Travel is back. Our mission is to get you back out there, with confidence and without compromise.

Everyone deserves to feel safe and secure — whatever their journey happens to be.

No matter your age, color, shape, ability, or outlook on life, we insist on equality in everything we do. After all, life is one big adventure—from exploring far-flung countries to breaking through the personal barriers we set for ourselves. We’re here for the pioneers, the get-up-and-goers, the wanderlusters, the joy-seekers. Everything we do should nurture, not divide, the connection to our fellow humans and every creature on this beautiful planet.

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