Introducing Go-Be.
The antimicrobial airplane tray cover.

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These germ-fighting tray covers come in all different designs. Each Go-Be 2 Pack has two different sleeves in our patented hexagon carrying case for only $34.99.

See how it works

The Go-Be easily slips onto your airplane tray table, providing a layer of protection from germs, bacteria and viruses. Watch this short video to learn more.

Introducing new Go-Be Solos

Now Go-Be is available in convenient single packs, too. Choose from 19 solid colors and stylish designs.

Did you know...

Scientists found that the most germ-infested place on a plane is your tray table. In fact, they discovered it to be 8 times germier than the plane’s toilet flush button. Go-Be provides you with that extra layer of protection to give you and your loved ones comfort and control.

Engineered to ensure confidence

Made in the USA, each Go-Be sleeve is treated with HeiQ HyProTecht*, an advanced technology that inhibits the growth of microorganisms on the fabric. When not in use, store your sleeves in our patented honeycomb case.

Committed to sustainability

Our sleeves are made from Repreve®, an eco-friendly fiber made from recycled content, including plastic bottles. And because they're created to go into the washer to be used again and again, we can feel good by doing good.

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