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Cleaner, greener solutions to
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Reusable, Antimicrobial Airplane Tray Covers.

Say good-bye to harmful wipes

Our reusable airplane tray covers are the eco-friendly alternative to the millions of single-use disinfectant wipes heading to landfills and oceans every day. And unlike many wipes, our covers don't contain any harsh chemicals and toxic fragrances. Go-Be's antimicrobial technology is non-toxic and non-irritating, which means they are safe for you--and the environment.

See it in action!

Just slip your Go-Be sleeve over your tray table to help protect against any dirt, grime, germs and viruses lurking on and under your tray. Afterward simply throw it in the washing machine. Go-Be dries in seconds!

Eat, work, watch and play with confidence

The advanced antimicrobial technology embedded in every Go-Be sleeve inhibits the growth of microorganisms on the fabric, so you and your family can confidently embrace the space where you eat, work, watch and play--and ensure you're not taking the germs home with you!

Made from BPA-free plastic waste

Each cover is specially made from Repreve, a recycled high-performance fiber created out of BPA-free plastic gathered from landfills and oceans. At Go-Be, we believe in breathing new life into yesterday's waste.

The power behind the hexagon

Our signature hexagon shape was inspired by the bee's honeycomb! In a honeycomb structure, the repeating pattern of the six-sided hexagon fortifies each of its walls, creating unimaginable strength. We believe the purchase of every single Go-Be promotes a mindset of ethical, sustainable habits. By working together, our world will be a stronger place!

Shop Go-Be Solos

Need a refill, wish to choose your own covers for your 2-pack, or just want one Go-Be? Then the Go-Be Solo is for you! Choose from 19 colors and patterns.

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