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Because flying should lift your spirits, not your stress level.

The Go-Be Story

A stylish germ shield

The advanced antimicrobial technology embedded in every Go-Be sleeve inhibits the growth of microorganisms on the fabric so you and your family can confidently embrace the space where you eat, work, watch and play -- and ensure you're not taking the germs home with you!

Safe for the planet

Our reusable airplane tray covers are created from BPA-free plastic waste, making them the eco-friendly alternative to the millions of single-use disinfectant wipes heading to landfills and oceans every day. And unlike many wipes, our covers don't contain any harsh chemicals and toxic fragrances. Go-Be's antimicrobial technology is non-toxic and non-irritating, which means they are safe for you and the planet, too!

Simple to wash

Our sleeves can be hand-washed or thrown right in the washing machine -- and dry in minutes -- so you'll always be ready for your next flight! And since reusing is our goal, we make sure every Go-Be sleeve is 3rd-party tested to ensure the quality of its advanced antimicrobial technology and that it's 100% effective for 25 washes! 

Easy to carry

Our patented honeycomb case clips securely onto any carry-on and weighs only 3 ounces! It's also dishwasher-safe and 100% recyclable.

See Go-Be in action!

Just slip your Go-Be sleeve over your tray table to help protect against any dirt, grime, germs and viruses lurking on and under your tray. Then roll it back up and store it in our lightweight honeycomb case and clip it onto your carry-on.


Each of our sleeves is knitted out of a fiber created from six plastic bottles pulled from oceans and landfills. And because the antimicrobial technology embedded within each sleeve is non-toxic and hypoallergenic, it's not only safe for you but the planet too.


Go-Be sleeves are washable and can be used again and again, eliminating the need for all those single-use disinfectant wipes that never break down and are clogging our landfills and washing up along shorelines. 

Made in the USA

Responsible sourcing is an integral part of our business. We will never compromise our standards under any circumstances, and we purchase only from qualified suppliers. Proudly, our sleeves are 100% Made in America!

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