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5 Dirtiest Parts on a Plane

5 Dirtiest Parts on a Plane

Travel & Leisure just reported a piece on the 5 dirtiest parts of the plane, citing the tray table high on the list and encouraging passengers to wipe them down.

Yet that advice comes with a price: Most single-use disinfectant wipes never decompose and contain harmful chemicals, causing havoc on our environment. Nearly 300 million passengers fly across the US daily and millions more across the globe. If just 20% of these passengers use just one wipe, that's almost 600,000 a day heading to landfills.

Traveling more sustainably is a responsibility we all share, and it doesn't need to be complicated. Doing things like using a Go-Be reusable tray cover embedded with a non-toxic antimicrobial technology will not only preserve the beauty of destinations but also ensure the wonders we explore today remain for generations to come!

Stay clean. Fly happy. Just Go-Be!

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