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Go-Be Antimicrobial Tray Covers

These airplane tray covers are the stylish, reusable, eco-friendly alternative to the millions of single-use disinfectant wipes heading to our landfills and oceans every day.

See How it Works

Go-Be slips easily onto your airplane tray table to provide an extra layer of protection against germs and viruses that may be lurking over and under your tray. You can also slip it over your headrest. Go-Be is great for trains and buses too!

Protect your Family and the Planet

The advanced antimicrobial technology embedded in each cover inhibits the growth of microorganisms on the fabric. Unlike most wipes, which contain harsh chemicals and toxic fragrances, the technology in our covers is non-toxic and non-irritating.

Sustainability is our Goal

Each cover is made of Repreve, a fiber created out of post-consumer plastic, and can be used again and again. Just throw it in the washer! What's more, every purchase helps support Ocean Conservancy, an organization fully committed to resolving the ocean plastic crisis.

The Power Behind the Hexagon

Our signature hexagon shape was inspired by the bee's honeycomb! In a honeycomb structure, the repeating pattern of the six-sided hexagon fortifies each of its walls, creating unimaginable strength. We believe the purchase of every single Go-Be promotes a mindset of ethical, sustainable habits. Can you imagine what the power of thousands of Go-Bes could achieve?

Shop Go-Be Solos

Need a refill, wish to choose your own covers for your 2-pack, or just want one Go-Be? Then the Go-Be Solo is for you! Choose from 19 colors and patterns.

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